August Theme: What is in a Legacy?


You might have been asking yourself what is a legacy? And why the need to celebrate people who contribute to our collective legacy?

A simple definition of the word ‘Legacy’: anything you are handed down from the past, distant or near, or something that you pass on to others and to future generations.

At UMURAGE, we are interested in the latter: what we can pass on to others. We are not ignoring what we inherited from the past, good or bad, but we want to have a forward-looking attitude: what can we do to make a difference? What steps can any of us take today to ensure a better future for the upcoming generations?

One can generally recognize three types of Legacies:

  • the moral legacy which is the sum of all the qualities we pass on to people around us, family and others, through our good example or the education we give them.
  • the parental or genetic legacy which is made of the qualities, talents or traits of character we pass on to our children and descendants or that are passed on to us by our parents or ancestors,
  • the material legacy which consists of physical assets – with a significant monetary or sentimental value – that we bequeath to our families, close friends or even strangers for them to own (during our lifetime or after we pass away)

At UMURAGE, we opt to focus on the moral legacy. We strongly believe that we can bring about change by giving a good example for others to follow.

Does it need to be done consciously? Not necessarily. People around us will know when our actions and deeds are guided by values, by the greater good, by a deep sense of what is right.

Another million dollars question: can one person change the world, shape our collective Legacy just by setting a good example? We believe so, and the stories we showcase are the proof that a courageous act anywhere in the world can be emulated elsewhere if only that story can be known by the billions of interconnected people that we are.

What do you think? Is a Legacy such a big deal?



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Featured Artwork

'The Wise Man' by Senegalese artist Mahmoud Baba Ly - Oil on Canevas.