July 2019 Theme: Defying the Odds!


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

In what has become one of the most famous poems in the world, ‘The Road not Taken’, which was published 102 years ago, American writer Robert Frost famously told us of his experience being faced with two diverging roads – literally or figuratively – and he decided to take the one less travelled, and that has made all the difference for him.

Many of us have, one time or another in our lives, been faced with a similar choice: should I take the road most travelled or should I venture on the one only a few people take?

The less adventurous amongst us or those who don’t want to appear to oppose the choices of the majority probably would opt for the ‘security’ of the most travelled path. It must be secured, right, if most of the people opt for it?

The most adventurous amongst us, or the ones who hate to conform to the majority rule probably took the less travelled one.

What Robert Frost poem did not tell us, is what you are to do when you meet a roadblock down the road? Do you simply switch paths? Will the traveller of the most frequently used road switch to the less travelled road? Or will they force their way past the roadblock, hoping there wouldn’t be any more obstacles beyond?

And the one who had boldly taken the less travelled path, will they lose all sense of adventure when faced with imminent danger and quickly find refuge on the most travelled road?

This month theme, Defying the Odds’, will examine the stories of people who were faced with that proverbial choice between those two roads or faced obstacles on the road they had chosen.

As we are talking about extraordinary people, will you be surprised if I tell you the path each one of them chose is none of the two paths that Robert Frost had portrayed in his otherwise insightful poem. Our heroes chose to create their own path in the wood, tracing a new path no one one else had ever traveled before.

You are probably wondering if these people were bolder than the masses in that moment they made that unlikely choice? Maybe. It could also mean that they had come to the realisation that neither of the two paths would lead them to the destination they had in mind or would take them as far as they wanted from the place they were seeking to get away from.

We will discover the answer over the next four weeks.

Let’s take a deep breath for a moment, before we dive back into this journey of discovery, ok?


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