At UMURAGE we endeavour to create a global community of individuals, organizations, businesses and communities interested and willing to work together on bettering the image of Africa and supporting the continent and the efforts of its children in making a lasting impact in the world. 

How do you merge worlds seemingly apart into one world? By making connections based on shared values.

In our ecosystem, a legacy maker is an individual, an organization, a business or a community doing extraordinary work in Africa or for Africa and purposely trying to have a positive impact on the lives of the people they touch. It can be a direct impact through deeds they are doing in a specific community or with a client base, or an indirect impact in the example they set for others. 

A legacy witness is an individual, an organization, a business or a community anywhere in the world who decides to bear witness to an African legacy in the making. How do you bear witness? By sharing their story, figuratively - telling their story - or literally - being actively engaged in their story. 

Can a legacy witness be or become a legacy maker and a legacy maker be or become a legacy witness? Absolutely! Each one of us has within them the power to impact the people around them while bearing witness to inspirational stories we come across. We also know that following the steps of a legacy maker might inspire one to achieve a lifelong dream and start building one’s own legacy.

Our mission at UMURAGE will be to connect legacy makers and legacy witnesses across the seas and within the continent, in as many combinations as you can imagine (UMURAGE Legacy Connections): Individuals to Individuals (I2I), Individuals to Businesses (I2B), Community to Community (Comm2Comm), etc.

Besides creating connections and sharing the legacy stories, UMURAGE will give visibility to Africa through artistic and cultural programs and events, public speaking engagements, public awareness and information sessions, etc.


Legacy Witness


Do you know of an inspirational individual, organization or business or community making a difference in Africa or for Africa and want the world to know about them? Are you yearning to take part in a worthy initiative? 

Then you can join our community as an UMURAGE legacy witness.



Legacy Maker


Are you, your organization, business or community doing extraordinary work and want the world to know about it? Then you can join our community as an UMURAGE legacy maker.



Legacy Partner

Partnership with UMURAGE

Do you share our ideals and values and would like to support our foundation’s work? We will be glad to build a partnership with you.