"Today I wanted to share my indignation with regards to the African Union’s silence. Those people who are dying on the beaches - and I measure my words - if they were white, the whole world would be shaking! But since they are blacks and Arabs, it costs us less to just let them die!

If we wanted to save people in the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean, we could afford it. But we prefer to let them die first before we do anything. It is almost as though 'letting them die' is used as a deterrent, to stop the influx of migrants.

Well let me break it to you: it does not dissuade anyone! When someone leaves their country with failure in mind, that one might find the danger absurd and thus avoid it. But for those who leave their country for survival, those who consider that the life they have is worthless, their strength is unmeasurable, because they are not afraid of death! "

These words were spoken on a French television network in April 2015 by a panellist in a debate with a very provocative theme: 'Should we welcome or not all the misery of the world?'.