At UMURAGE we aim to build and foster a holistic connection between you and Africa. While the legacy connections will give you an opportunity to learn about Africa through the deeds of its children and friends, our art and cultural programs will take you deeper into the soul and spirit of the continent. 
Through partnerships with African art collectors, UMURAGE has been able to put together a collection that will take your breath away. 

As you’re about to turn this page and view our featured art pieces, we must warn you that there is a major risk of falling in love at first sight and at every sight thereafter.


Did you enjoy the experience? Did this glimpse of our collection make you stop for a moment and travel beyond the frontiers of what you know?  
Well, this was just a small taste of what we have in store for you. We have more than a thousand art pieces and our collection is still growing.
Sharing is at the heart of who we are, and you can help us take the UMURAGE Legacy Art Collection to art lovers around the world:


  • By hosting or helping us organize a travelling exhibition in your town, or


  • By borrowing your favourite piece through our Art Loan Program.


Lend your walls to our cause and invite Africa into your own world.