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There are few things in the world nearly as beautiful and fragile as a butterfly. You could easily miss it flying by if you were not paying close attention. Yet according to science, something as simple as the flapping of its wings could cause a storm down the line. It is called the butterfly effect. According to the founder of this revolutionary new school in Ghana, Tom Ilube, a Nigeria-born British entrepreneur, the same can be said about young gifted African girls. Building on the premise that one girl with a passion for science could change Africa he founded a school to give them the necessary knowledge to live up to their full potential.  Introducing…

The African Science Academy…

… an all-girls science school based in the outskirts of Accra, Ghana. ASA prepares students to achieve the internationally recognized ‘Cambridge International Advanced Level Qualifications’ within a single year. The school welcomes girls from all over Africa with outstanding potential in math and science.

In order to ensure that means are not going to be an issue, the selected girls are fully catered for from start to finish through a scholarship provided by the charity that gave birth to the school, the ‘African Gifted Foundation’.

The African Science Academy started in 2016 with 23 girls from countries as diverse as Uganda, Ghana and Ethiopia. The school looked to female teachers who excelled in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math to serve as role models for the girls.  Judging by their enthusiasm, the school is off to a great start.  “An African woman is not pitiable”, said one of the girls, “she is courageous and daring. She is never tired of struggle”.

It is that fighting spirit coupled with the knowledge they will acquire that the Academy is confident will engineer change in Africa.

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