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When it comes to what people think about robots, the answers are wide-ranging. Some see them as a welcome innovation. Others see them as a threat to their employment. Soul less humanoids conceived to outperform us in the workplace. But he knows better. He is no science-fiction conspiracy theorist.   He knows them up-close and personal because he makes them… for the greater good. His name is…

Bertin Nahum…

… a French-Beninese Engineer in Applied Sciences  with a Master’s degree in robotics who turned his technical knowhow and passion for robots into two successful business ventures that revolutionized surgical procedures the world over.

He first founded Medtech with the aim of developing robots to use in minimally invasive surgeries on the central nervous system. BRIGIT™ was his first one. Used successfully in knee surgeries, its license was acquired by orthopedics giant Zimmer Holdings. His second robot was ROSA™ Brain dedicated to neurosurgery.

With this newest one, great hope was given to patients suffering from epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders. He later built a second ROSA™ robot for spinal surgery. In 2014, surgery was successfully performed on a patient’s spine using it. The reputation of ROSA™ quickly grew to international notoriety.

After the acquisition of Medtech by US equipment giant Zimmer Biomet, Bertin Nahum decided it was time for a new venture and founded Quantum Surgical. He continues to build smart tools to help in delicate surgical procedures. He laughs at the idea of being called the star of surgical robotics but his body of work speaks for itself.

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