Claudy Siar of France

The UMURAGE Foundation Legacy Maker Claudy Siar

After decades of working in the media, he thought he had seen it all… the good, the bad and the ugly. He was in for a rude awakening. November 13th, 2017. As CNN breaks the news about slavery in Libya and the world watches in silence, he can’t take it anymore. The normally cool, calm and collected radio and TV personality turns on his webcam and lets everyone have it! From African leaders, celebrities and journalists to European capitals and their policies towards migrants… no one is spared. No holds barred. The video goes viral… over 4 million views and hundreds of thousands of shares. His outrage was soon echoed by many. His name is…

Claudy Siar…

… known to many in Africa and francophone countries as the voice of ‘Couleurs Tropicales’, a music program that showcases the best of Africa and the Caribbean music on Radio France International. He is also the founder and co-owner of ‘Tropiques FM’, an afro-Caribbean community radio. Most recently, many in Africa were privileged to see him on their TV screens as the host of ‘The Voice- Afrique Francophone’.

But Claudy Siar is so much more than just a media personality.

Born of Guadeloupian parents, Claudy Siar understands the weight of his cultural heritage as a descendant of African slaves and the power he derives from the platform he occupies. Long before his ‘viral video’, Claudy Siar has been giving a voice to African youth peacefully protesting the injustices of their respective governments. He frequently denounces the inequities existing in French society in regards to the treatment of African migrants and Caribbean populations treated as second class citizens.

He singlehandedly mobilized thousands in the streets of Paris to denounce slavery in Libya and promised to bring the case to international justice to assign responsibility to the former colonial powers and the African leaders who chose to ignore the plight of their people while they are being sold like cattle into forced labor.   

Right Your Legacy, Claudy Siar!


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