Right Your Legacy

The UMURAGE Legacy Witness Right Your Legacy

Legacy Witness


Do you know of an inspirational individual, organization or business or community making a difference in Africa or for Africa and want the world to know about them? Are you yearning to take part in a worthy initiative? 

Then you can join our community as an UMURAGE legacy witness.

As a legacy witness, you will be able to share inspirational stories, tell the world how you have been inspired, the difference they are making to their community and beyond and the way they can be supported to take their legacy to the next level.

If you want to be in direct contact with a worthy initiative so you can provide them more inkunga (support), UMURAGE will make it happen. Based on the level of involvement you want, inkunga can come in many forms.

The UMURAGE Legacy Maker Right Your Legacy

Legacy Maker


Are you, your organization, business or community doing extraordinary work and want the world to know about it? Then you can join our community as an UMURAGE legacy maker.

As a legacy maker you will be able to share your inspirational stories and the difference you are making in your community and beyond. You will be invited to present a project to get inkunga (support) from legacy witnesses anywhere in the world.

The UMURAGE Legacy Partner Right Your Legacy

Legacy Partner

Partnership with UMURAGE

Do you share our ideals and values and would like to support our foundation’s work? We will be glad to build a partnership with you.

As an UMURAGE legacy partner, you will be able to share our story with your network, advise us on how to reach our goals, help us get more visibility by hosting one of o ur itinerant exhibitions or support our fundraising efforts through our Art Loan Program or in any way you can. We will value every inkunga we can get to help us build our own legacy.